How to Match a French Beret

As fashion month came to an end this season, the beret was everywhere on the runway, street style stars, and celebs. Elsa Hosk, Rihanna, and Bella Hadid topped off their outfits with the classic hat in all iterations. Earlier this month, Solange too wore a very French version of the hat, styled with a pair of statement earrings.

That may just be the most interesting thing to note about fashion’s favorite hat. Unlike many other fashion pieces that come back into style in a major way during certain times, the beret has long had a dichotomy between creative freedom and war, quite unlike any other garment or accessory. Artists, actors, poets and writers have long been associated with the hat, while it’s also clear that political leaders and dictators from around the world have embraced the style. 

Beret in France and cheongsam in China is similar in nature, is a very historical heritage of the ancient single item, after the baptism of time and continuous improvement, Beret has become a lot of women’s fashion styling indispensable single item.

In particular, it does not pick the face of the nature of people, has been a lot of people’s favor. Although the berets are perfect, they are not just perfect if they are pinned to their heads. Today we will show you the right way to wear the berets.

Military Wearing Method

Berets used to be military caps, and with the passage of time they became fashion items today, so many girls would still choose to wear them the most traditional way to wear the original style when wearing them.

Show the brim, then put the hat aside, so side wear. Not only keep the military cap handsome and serious, asymmetry can attract more attention.

The berets all over the street, how to highlight your tone? The answer, of course, is big enough! How do you highlight your qualities? The answer, of course, is wool! How to highlight your height, the answer is, of course, stretch dual-color wool sweating belt, either when lining, or ear protection, practical.

French Style 

French romantic Style, more feminine taste. Put the beret on and cover the brim without exposing the brim. Any hairstyle fit, and do not press the hair tip.

Wearing a hat at the hairline, it seems to be the most common way berets have been worn over the years.

With the design sense of the beret, retaining the retro properties of the beret on the basis of adding fashionable elements of the design sense, more advanced and more comprehensive. Meet your needs and wear all kinds of styles.

Color Selection

Black is the most common part of a beret match. As an embellishment, black is the least visible and easy color to fit in with, and if you feel that the pattern is too fancy or the overall color appears too much, Then the choice of black berets can add fashion without sudden. If you think of the role of brightening, gray berets are also a good choice.

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