French Berets Conquer the World

Beret, a symbol of France, mostly from the French province of Pyrenees-Atlantic. Now, from the streets to the red carpet, berets are once again synonymous with nobility, especially in foreign markets.

Just past Paris Fashion week, a foreign journalist wearing a beret appeared at the scene. We asked her, “is this like Michelle Morgan?” “Michelle what?” She asked, and then it dawned on her. “it was because I was not French that I could not react to the name. But it would be nice to be like her. ” Then she refers to the famous female thief Bonnie Parker, in the classic movie “the Big Theft,” in which the duet is sung by Becky Bardot (Brigitte Bardot) and (Serge Gainsbou Gansbourg. Rg). The recognition of the berets in her mind was shining. Although the French have the impression that berets are always associated with farmers in historical images with a French stick under their arms, berets are always seen as a symbol of rebellion in other countries. It is also the embodiment of French cultural power.

Berets have even become an element of the American retro (Granny chic): in New York, some women are reluctant to succumb to the fashions of Chelsea, Brooklyn and Greenwich Village, and instead combine commoner style with tradition. Put on a beret. From actors (Chlo S é vigny and Anne Hathaway (Anne Hathaway) to avant-garde singer FKA Twigs, a lot of people wear it like the heroine Suzy Bishop in Wes Anderson’s film the Moon Rises Kingdom. Woolen hat from the sixties. “Berets are one of the best-selling items in the store,” said Aisling McKeefry, head of online store coordination at Asos, a British popular brand.

The best-selling black felt caps, camel-colored and riveted styles have also become popular single products. “after accepting the traditional style of berets, customers will then dare to challenge more fashionable styles, some of the new designs we see at Fashion week.”

Gucci’s artistic director, Alessandro Michele, is a big fan of berets, which he sees as a symbol of left-bank intellectuals, so he often focus on the beret to make them shine on the Gucci show. His designs include men’s and women’s hats, bicolored straw hats, gold and silver silk braided hats in gold or bright blue, and sometimes black leather caps that will be placed on the top of the hat with a cashmere ball. Chestnut cap and simple dark gray felt cap.

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